May 22, 2014

Author Highlight: Mary Higgins Clark

Today I thought I would do a little review on one of my favorite authors, instead of just one of her books! I started reading Mary Higgins Clark probably in Junior High, because all of my older sisters and my mom loved her. Thats where a lot of my love of reading came from, from family who showed me the way :)

Mary Higgins Clark

Born: December 24, 1929

Mary Higgins Clark writes suspense/thriller novels. I feel like a lot of her books are similar, but I have still always enjoyed reading each one of them. They all have similar premises and styles. In many of them you read the story from the female/journalist/main characters view as well as from the viewpoint of the perpetrator/creeper/bad guy. I like this style because even though you read things from the 'creeper's' point of view, as a reader you still don't know who they are.

Some of Mary Higgins Clark's novels can be gruesome, especially her earlier pieces. I have found that her more recent novels have not been as bloody or scary, but maybe that is just because I have also grown up in age as the years have passed. Here are a few of my favorite books by her:

Daddy's Little Girl is a little bit more gruesome, as you can tell from the blood on the cover. But I read it in high school, and it wasn't anything beyond what I could handle. Its basically about a woman who saw a murder as a child, and then in her adult life is slowly remembering and trying to catch the killer.

You Belong to Me is about lonely women how have been disappearing off of cruise ships, and one women's hunt to find who is behind it, before they find her. 

Both of these books are excellent, and I would recommend both of them, as well as anything Mary Higgins Clark has written. I haven't read her latest stuff, but for the most part I have read a large chunk of what she has published! 

Her novels suck you in and keep you interested throughout the novel! They are so much fun, especially if you like a little suspense or mystery! Read these, trust me you won't regret it!

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  1. I am reading Daddy's Gone a Hunting, and loving it!


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