May 8, 2014

Library Haul

I'm a book junkie, but a poor one at that. Thats why the public library is my new best friend. We have quite the relationship...they feed my love for books and then I pay them for keeping those books too long. In the end it works out, but I probably have more library fines than most people. I can think of at least two libraries right now that I owe money. Needless to say, I'm not planning on going back to those ones anytime soon :)

Here is my haul from my trip yesterday:

6. Blackmoore  

Some of these were recommended to me by family or friends. Some are from favorite authors, and others just looked interesting. I might not be able to finish them all before they are due back to the library, but I will read as many as possible! I know I shouldn't bring so many home at once, but I just get sucked in my the endless amounts of books at the library. One day I'll be able to buy them all, but for now, I'm just glad I get to borrow them for a short time :)

How many books do you usually end up bringing home from the library? Or are you able to buy all of the books you read?

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